Winners of the 2016 nnSF Call for Scores

We are pleased to announced the four winning selections from the nief-norf Summer Festival 2016 International Call for Scores! We received 259 scores from 193 composers around the world and from these, we have selected the following four works to be performed during the 2016 nief-norf Summer Festival:

Monk (2014), by Shiuan Chang
Stolen (2014), by Nicole Murphy
Per quattro (2014), by Filippo Santoro
Seven Songs (2015), by Brian Simalchik

Klaviertrio to be performed at the New Music Miami ISCM Festival

Happy to have my Klaviertrio performed at the New Music Miami ISCM Festival!
Tthe 2016 New Music Miami ISCM Festival Call for Works are in! We received numerous submissions are are grateful to everyone who shared their work as part of this process. The selected pieces are:

Klaviertrio “L’ultimo Angelo” by Filippo Santoro
Is it Auburn? by Robert Honstein
Black Ice by Maggi Payne
tin birds by Warren Enström
InChuck by Stephen Beck